How to extract features from opensmile

For installation of openSMILE toolkit please refer to the link 
Installation of openSMILE

How to extract features using openSMILE toolkit?

Demo Feature file to check if openSMILE is working completely
This should generate a file in the output folder path
If the SMILExtract is not added to the /usr/bin path then you need to use ./SMILExtract from the openSMILE folder path

./SMILExtract –C config/demo/demo1_energy.conf –I <input_folder_path>/input.wav –O <output_folder_path>/

Chroma Features

./SMILExtract -C config/chroma_fft.conf -I input.wav -O chroma.csv

./SMILExtract –cfgFileTemplate –configDflt cWaveSource,cFramer,cEnergy,cCsvSink -1 1 2>

MFCC Features

./SMILExtract –C config/MFCC12_0_D_A.conf –I input.wav –O output.mfcc.htk

PLP Features

./SMILExtract –C config/PLP_E_D_A.conf –I input.wav –O output.plp.htk

 Prosody Features
  ./SMILExtract –C config/prosodyShs.conf –I input.wav –O prosody.csv

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