Download youtube videos faster in linux using youtube-dl with aria

Today for all linux users its a good news for you guys. 
Download faster in linux any youtube video and lots more
Download youtube videos instead of taking the pain of buffering the videos and wasting time.
Install git in your linux computer using

For Debian users :
sudo apt-get install git

For other users on cent os, fedora and red hat:
 yum install git

After git is enabled
Install aria2

On Mac OS X, you can install aria2 using Macports or Fink. In case you are using Macports, execute this command to install

$ sudo port install aria2
On Debian and Ubuntu, install it using apt-get

$ apt-get install aria2
On Fedora, install it using yum

$ yum install aria2
For other platforms, have a look at

When you have finished installing aria2, use this command to check

$ which aria2c

Make a new folder and name it youtube

Use command as mkdir youtube

Change to that folder and Next do 

git clone

The below will work if youtube-dl is correctly setup
bash URL

And there you have a working downloader for youtube videos from the command line of linux.


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