Installation of Praat - Solve unable to hear sound issue quickly.

Praat is a software package for analysis of speech and get detailed information like pitch, spectogram, intensity and a raft of speech features needed in detailed analysis.

Praat is well recognized in the research of phonetics and linguistic.

Here's a link to the official praat website: -

Let's get to issues faced while installing from the default package manager in Linux.

I had used sudo apt-get install praat on a Debian system.

The package manager installed praat successfully which was launched by typing praat from the terminal.

Launching was not an issue, however when I tried to play an audio file in wav format, there was no audio from Praat play command.

To check the setup of hardware tried to play the file from another player - banshee and the sound file worked just fine.

bt_audio_service_open: connect() failed: Connection refused (111)

The above message was displayed from the terminal screen while playing the audio file from Praat.

On googling found [] that the issue was due to bluez-alsa package installed in system.

Uninstalled bluez-alsa package using synaptic package manager but still the issue still persisted where praat was not able to play the audio file.

Spend another few hours trying to solve the issue, but since nothing was being displayed from the terminal output.

Finally got the idea to uninstall and install again and this time with the package provided on the praat website.

Downloaded the tar file and unzipped it and typed ./praat from the extracted directory

Voila it worked fine!!!

Moral of the story: Don't try to use shortcut command of sudo apt-get install to get your work done. Keep an open eye for other solutions as well.

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