How to commit a large chunk of modified files in svn.

Recently while working on a project controlled with svn, I had modified a lot of files and had to check them in.
Now being a lazy person, I didnt wanted to send files one after the other.

Thus, on Googling came across this wonderful method that uses a target file to commit a large chunk of files.

So Let's check the environment by typing the command : -

Note you can use directly the second command and skip this one.
>>  svn stat | grep ^M | tee modified.log
This command - check for the status of files which are modified. (svn stat | grep ^M)
Adds the output to a file tee modified.log.
>> svn stat | grep ^M | cut -c 8- > modified.log
This will overwrite the previously created file.

To checkin the files type the following command
>> svn ci -m "Message you wish to pass" --targets modified.log

Hope you will enjoy this post. :)

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