Basic vimrc settings to perform and enhance productivity in linux

Hi all,

Here are a few basic vimrc settings to do.
This will definitely improve your productivity in linux

Add the following lines of code to your vimrc file

 #This will display the numbering of lines in vim file
1. set nu

# This will display autocompletion menu in the vim command line
2. set wildmenu
# This will give a proper formatting to the list to make the output look beneficial
3. set wildmode=list:longest

# This will detect filetype and fill in/give suggestions, coloring of syntax based on filetype.
4. filetype on
5. filetype indent on
6. filetype plugin on

#To highlight all searches.
7. set hlsearch

#To start searching from current input and perform an incremental search. This refines search results as you type.
8. set incsearch

#This tells vim not to mess with formatting of the text that you are trying to paste. 
9 set paste

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